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Fencing for horses



In our offer every client find something for yourself. We are presenting farmer fences. Their using are multiple. They are great as farm fence, and also as fences for horses.




Horses are animals, which elements is movement and space. Almost everyone know about it. Therefore to horse can enjoy freedom of staying in the paddock, we must complying  certain, common sense rules.



         Material using for fenece shouldn't be danger for horses by sharp edges, brittleness and the formation of sharp ends. (PVC used for fences must have a special composition that provides to event cracks of the lack sharp, pointy ends, such as occur in ordinary PVC pipe bursting). The shape of the range should be devoid of narrow spaces and sharp corners. Horses to the paddock should not have a chance, "wedged" in the corner, no way to escape from each other. Paddock shoud have adequately made ??gate, easy to use for humans, difficult to open for the horse.Fence height should not prevent him jump. Use additional energiser can effectively protect them from biting (poles, boards) and to discourage attempts to be taken by force to do it.

That is why our company has introduced to its offer fencing farmer

    Plastic farmer fences are permanent and economical solution for elegant and functional fencing. This fence is the perfect fence for horses and farms. Their are made of high impact polyvinyl chloride which is PVC. This material is made of special refining components features exceptional color fastness, resistance to UV radiation and extreme temperature variations. These fences don't rot like wood, and don't rust like metal, so they don't require labor-intensive and expensive treatments preservatives  This latest generation of the fence, providing immaculate white and perfect look for many years. The advantages of such fencing is: do not need painting, impregnation or application of anti-corrosive preparations, simple and quick assembly, easy cleaning, a large variety of decorative trim, excellent color fastness, obtained through the use of a specially composed stabilizers, and many types and styles of fences and resistance to UV rays and extremes temperature. With all these advantages we can not forget that these fences are incredibly beautiful. Prices of these beautiful fences are different and they are dependence on the height and add-ons that everyone can choose according to your tastes. Everyone can choose the color of your liking. In many companies, the available fences color palette is full, so everyone will choose something for themselves

   Welcome to price list and gallery of Exclusive system.

Farmer fences

Fences for horses


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