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Modern fencing

Fencing of our times

It is difficult to talk about fencing fashion, we should rather talk about fashion for a specific property types, although in this case, our tastes and architectural proposals are so different, that there are not clear to some specific classification and grouping.
In construction, even in a small architecture, however, some fashion trends apply to materials used. And these trends are much easier to extract.

What kind of fences are fashionable today?

The times require us above all haste, so we use the fences easy to install and easy to maintain, will it be a fence panel? Wooden? still popular metal mesh? today secured by coating of plastic or plastic fence finally. Of course, ease of installation and maintenance is not everything,aesthetic considerations are important to. From mentioned solutions at least aesthetic are metal nets, although they will combine with, for example dense hedges. Wooden panels and railings are very comparable to the aesthetics, however, quite different properties. The conservation of timber fence must be constant, to protect against wood worms and weather conditions, stained, painted, undergo renovations. Plastic Enclosures are eternal and they presents is almost as good as wood. And in this case? Almost ? does not mean a big difference. On the contrary! Plastic fence appear like traditional fencing materials.


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